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9TH ICQAHEA - Accra, GHANA - September 18 - 22, 2017. THEME: “Quality Higher Education, Harmonisation and Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals in Africa”.    

The Workshop

A rich menu of workshops has been carefully prepared to enhance knowledge and skills of participants. Each workshop will be hands-on and practical in delivery and each will run for four hours. Each participant will be able to select three workshops. These workshops will build capacity of participants who will go back enriched with skills to be able to implement quality assurance practices at the institutional, national and continental levels. These workshops have formed a unique characteristic of ICQAHEAs over the years. Feedback from participants at previous ICQAHEAs has encouraged the organisers to continue with this tradition.



No. 1: Emerging trends in programme and institutional accreditation: Beyond the stereotype

• Traditional processes of conducting programme and institutional accreditation
• New drivers shaping quality
• Futuristic models of accreditation
Professor Peter Okebukola & Dr. Michael Ahove

No. 2 Implementation of the Addis Ababa Convention

• Provisions of the Addis Ababa Convention
• Practical steps in implementing the provisions at the institutional, national and regional levels

Professor Juma Shabani and Yohannes Woldentasae

No. 3: Establishment and effective operation of quality assurance agencies/units at national higher education and institutional levels

• Structure, functions and legal frameworks of quality assurance agencies/units
• Quality assurance of input, process, output and outcomes in higher education
• Resources and funding
• Challenges and Overcoming obstacles to success 
• Setting up and running effective quality assurance unit in a university

Professor Chiedu Mafiana and Dr. Noel Saliu

No. 4: Practicum on African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM)

• Philosophy, objectives and indicators of AQRM
• Practical work on AQRM

Yohannes Woldentasae

No. 5: Quality Assurance of Open and Distance Learning

• Setting minimum standards for open and distance learning
• Quality assurance of courseware, delivery system, evaluation practices, research and student support

Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf


For further information, please contact:
  • Professor Juma Shabani, Chairman, ICQAHEAs; and Executive Secretary, GUNi-Africa (jushabani(@)yahoo.fr)
  • Professor Peter Okebukola, President, GUNi-Africa (pokebukola(@)yahoo.com)
  • Professor Chiedu Mafiana (chiedu.mafiana(@)gmail.com)
  • Professor Jonathan Mba (for AfriQAN-related inquiries) (jcmba(@)aau.org)